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By eyelashwishh · January 26, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

It's been a long time,
I shouldn'a left you,
Without a dope post to read to..


HELLO 2012!!

How's everyone doing?
It's been so long! My last post was in... August? And it's not even a proper entry! It's good to be back. And hopefully this time I'll be more faithful and stay around longer. hahaa! That will be my 2012 resolution. To post more often. :))))

But hey, I haven't been missing. I do read, through my BlackBerry. Reason why I don't comment often.

Anyway, won't end this entry without anything beauty-related. So here's something I've been meaning to post, but never got around to. You might have seen it on Twitter though, if you're a follower.

This was saved in my drafts as one of the entry for my 30 Days Blush Challenge which I never posted (and never completed). Just an old LOTD with nothing but Sleek's Rose Gold on.

Okay, I lied. Maybe I had Sephora's Mattifying Compact Powder on face too. But that's about it! My brows are not even done. Fresh in the morning, yo!

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Spice Girls & 90s Make Up

By eyelashwishh · August 20, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

I don't know what got into me but tonight I felt like checking out Spice Girls videos. fcukyeahthenineties!!

<iframe src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/-YriinrRGug" frameborder="0" height="345" width="420"></iframe>

This one particularly caught my attention, not because of the song though. The song........... it's just plain annoying. But check out Victoria's AKA Posh Spice make-up!

Cut crease FTW!
And then there's Geri's one too.. I don't really like Geri aka Ginger Spice. Never did. But I like her eye make up in this one..

So yeah. That's about it y'all. Super random post.

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30 Days Blush Challenge; Day 02

By eyelashwishh · June 7, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

So another day of work.. I woke up as per normal, but was too lazy to think of which blush to use. So I reached for my favourite and fuss free blush - M.A.C Foolish Me Sheertone Shimmer Blush.

I simply LOVE this blush. It looks scary in the pan, but because it's a sheertone, you can NEVER go wrong. I know Kas loves it too!

Here's why I love the blush so much....

I know the pictures lack of quality. They were taken by 5 year old Ridwan using Mom's old Nokia phone. :) That aside, the glow Foolish Me gives is just loooooooovely. This is my FIRST M.A.C blush and I gotta thank Mom for that! =D

I really do love this blush to death, so when it shattered to pieces a few months back, it broke my heart. Not to mentioned this shade has been discontinued!

30 Days Blush Challenge; Day 1

By eyelashwishh · June 7, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

I need to start blogging again. I've got new followers but no new content to feed them with! So I thought I'll get the ball rolling by starting with a "30 Days Blush Challenge", inspired by Kim's Blush of the Week which she just started last week!

Nothing new for me, I know. I've done this before. You can check out Operation Blush. But because I didnt go out much the last time, there were only 14 days, meaning I used up only 14 blushers. I know I have more than that. errrrps. So this time, I'm gonna stick to 30 days. Also I will do it differently by posting up how it looks on me. Or at least, I wil try.

So Day 1 is 6th of June, and I wore STEREO ROSE. I thought I had an individual photo of it. Guess not, so I have to make do with a stock.

But that's my Stereo Rose on the top right!

No swatches this time, because this post was pretty last minute so I didnt prepared any! Next time, I promise. :)

SWATCH: Daiso Ellefar SlimColor Pact "C"

By eyelashwishh · February 16, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Another overdue post.. I've been lazy. but I am back now. Hopefully I will post more in days to come..

This is a palette I received in a package I won from blushphoria's giveaway. I like everything about this palette. The shades, the pigmentation, the texture.. They're easy to work with.

And just like most Japanese eyeshadow palettes, you wont get that intense pigmentation out of these shadows. Instead they give a nice, soft wash of color. Perfect for days when you want to have something on your eyes, but dont wanna go over the top.

Now on to swatches..

In the same order as palette.. One swipe, No base.
Swatches taken indoor, with natual sunlight.

There you go.. Hope you liked this quick entry! =)

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